Our Dive Spots


Below is information about our diving points. You can make discoveries at these points by joining us.

Karamagra Small Beach (KELDAĞ)


With its green nature and turquoise blue, it almost makes it fall in love with itself. The underwater richness is the kind that will attract divers. With the underwater arch on his right, he tells underwater photographers I'm here. When you pass through the arch and reach 27 meters, the two-eyed cave and its neighbor, the big cave, whose entrance is at 20 meters, welcomes you. With the arrival of the winter months and the cooling of the waters, the arch point hosts hundreds of sea rabbits...


Keldag Uzunkaya Diving Region (ANTAKYA)


The bay, which looks like a natural harbor, is separated from the open sea by a 200-meter-long and high rock. The deepest part of the bay, which we call the pool between the mountain slope and Uzunkaya, is 13 meters and the shallowest part is 1 meter. The 2.5-3 meters deep V-shaped slit in the middle of Uzunkaya takes the divers from the pool to the open sea. The blue that appears across the rift is fascinating. Uzunkaya (Pool) diving point; It is a diving area that appeals to divers of all levels, from trial dives, training dives to experienced divers.

White Beach Yayladagi (Hatay/Yayladagi)


White Beach, one of our diving spots... A corner of paradise with its green nature, turquoise blue and unique beach... It's like an underwater paradise for divers. There is the Great Cave underwater on the right and the Chimneys on the left. The great underwater walls are a macro paradise for photographers in winter.